Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas
Medical Benefits for US Veterans Overseas

Hospital Brisas

HealthCare Alliance Panama S.A., has the pleasure of presenting you with the new Hospital Brisas.

NOTE: Hospital Brisas is a private hospital. It is NOT a VA Hospital, is not funded by the U.S. Federal Government and is in no way associated with the U.S. Federal government. Hospital Brisas will accept your VA-FMP, TRICARE or CHAMPVA medical insurance once eligibility has been verified as current and active. Any deductibles apply.


– IMPORTANT for dependents: When visiting Hospital Brisas in Panama City for medical services using TRICARE Select or TRICARE for Life, ensure you bring a fotocopy of your sponsors ID card and you must know his/her SSN.  If you do not bring this information, the hospital staff cannot verify your eligibility for medical services and you will have to pay cash-up-front.


– CRITICAL!!!: Effective January 2021, all TRICARE Select beneficiaries (that are NOT Tricare for Life), must have set up monthly premium allotment for family or  individual / dependent. If you do not set up your monthly allotment with Tricare, you and/or your family WILL NOT HAVE Tricare medical coverage. CALL TRICARE at 800-444-5445 to set up your allotment. 


Hospital Brisas occupies the complete second floor of Signature Plaza located in Brisas del Golf, Panama City.


Patients and visitors are greeted by a professional staff, an attractive and welcoming environment, well lit airy public spaces, comfortable waiting areas, and modern consulting rooms.


The hospital is one of the most modern and well equipped in Panama City, with medical equipment purchased from Germany. 


Hospital Brisas has been specifically built and designed around the needs of the patient to enhance the quality of care, speed up diagnosis and provide exceptional medical treatment. 


You will be happy with the 835 parking spaces distributed on the ground floor and underground.


To access the hospital on the second floor, Signature Plaza has escalators and elevators located in the center, east, and west wings of the plaza. 


The following services are provided:

Labor and delivery of newborns is not provided.


If you have any questions about medical appointments or medical services at Hospital Brisas, contact any VSO by clicking the "VSO" tab above. The VSO will get you an answer as soon as possible.


Outpatient appointments, X-ray, MRI, laboratories or special procedures, please call 6678-9370 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday from 8am to 12pm.


Appointments or assistance for veterans, their dependent family members and survivors. VA-FMP, CHAMPVA or TRICARE. Please contact Aracelis (6678-9370), Veterans Service Office.

Email: [email protected]   You can also call 309-2300 Ext 109 or 112.


Seven private inpatient suites, are available for surgery recovery or extended hospital stays.


Post surgery recovery areas, known as “23-hour” beds, are for patients who need a short recovery time following surgery. 


Hospital Brisas accepts TRICARE Select, TRICARE for Life, VA-FMP, CHAMPVA and private medical insurance that is accepted in Panama. TRICARE Select, TRICARE for Life and CHAMPVA require the 25% co-pay


If you are a veteran residing in Central or South America and would like to use your VA-FMP, TRICARE or CHAMPVA at Hospital Brisas, contact the Hospital Brisas VSO for assistance and guidance. Click on the "VSO" tab above.


When visiting Hospital Brisas for the FIRST TIME, one or more of the following documents must be presented:

Also bring your E-Benefits, and TRICARE online account User/Password. You will be taken to a computer so you can access these accounts at the hospital to print your verification of health care eligibility. 


Non-service connected VA disabilities, not listed on the VA-FMP letter, are not covered by VA. Exceptions may apply. The veteran is responsible for coordinate and obtaining the approval letter from VA before requesting medical services for non-service connected disabilities. Contact your nearest VSO for assistance.


Over the counter (OTC) medications are not covered by VA-FMP, CHAMPVA, TRICARE Select or TRICARE for Life. OTC medications can be purchased by patients at any pharmacy of their choice.


Be advised that you must have Medicare Part-B to be eligible for TRICARE for Life (TFL), even though Medicare Part-B cannot be used overseas. Click on "COVERAGE" on the Main Menu for a detailed explanation.


Highly skilled Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) are available, throughout Panama and in Medellin, Colombia, to provide guidance and assistance free of charge.  Click on “VSO” on the Main Menu.


The hospital staff constantly and continually updates procedures to improve patient assistance and care. This will ensure a unique and caring experience for you.


Your suggestions and comments are always welcome and will surely assist us in maintaining the best assistance, guidance and medical care possible.


Welcome to Hospital Brisas. You will be completely satisfied with your care at Hospital Brisas.

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